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English for Nursing: 2-week Program


July 1-14


This program is designed to develop English skills needed for those in the nursing and physical therapy professions. This intensive course develops the vocabulary and sentence structures typically used in these professions. An emphasis is placed on speaking and listening skills needed for nurses and physical therapists to interact effectively with English-speaking patients.


Package includes:

●       Room and food for all 14 days (see above programs for details).


●       8 days of ESL classes (5 hours per day) with a focus on English for nursing and physical therapy. All courses and workshops taught by full-time professors at DSU.


●       2 days of nursing workshop courses and practical activities led by faculty from the DSU Nursing Department


●       2 days of cultural immersion/tourism (see above)


●       2 free days


Course is equivalent in length and rigor of a 3-credit university course class​​


Cost: Contact Dr. Luis Arevalo at or 435-652-7877




Students will

Develop competence and confidence in handling day-to-day social interactions in English in a hospital/clinic setting, such as taking information, giving instructions to patients, and discussing common medical conditions and treatments.
Improve accuracy in pronunciation and grammar to ensure student speaking and writing is comprehensible.
Improve vocabulary common to the nursing and physical therapy contexts.
Participate in experiential activities that require interaction with the local community.
Enjoy weekend excursions to National Parks and several cultural activities.

Contact Dr. Scott Miles for academic content information. 435-879-4381