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English for Business Executives

English for Business Executives

Package includes 12 days of room and some food, distributed as follows: 5 days of ESL and business classes, 2 days of professional practice immersion, 3 days of planned tourism, and 2 free days. Participants will stay in one of the best health resorts of Southern Utah. Please visit for a quick view of the premises and services.

DURATION: 2 weeks
COST: Contact Dr. Luis E. Arevalo at
DATES: July 2 - 14, 2018

Depending on course duration, and weather, participants may visit the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park, Las Vegas, and Zion National Park. Additionally, Saint George and surrounding areas count with a wide selection of restaurants, local museums, sport fields, lakes and rivers, and multiple natural venues where to practice outdoor sports.


Objective: To provide the business professional with the tools to communicate, both orally and in writing, with clarity, effectiveness, and cultural competence.

Minimum English level: Intermediate-High in the ACTFL scale.  Level to be assessed by telephonic interview before arrival.

Participants will

1.   Experienced professional presentations by seasoned business professors and local entrepreneurs.

2.   Witness how to structure presentations around audience’s interests and needs.

3.   Participate in mock up business meetings with confidence and learn how to impact discussions and stress one’s vision and business plans.

4.   Gain insight on how to structure negotiations without alienating future allies and partners.

5.   Develop understanding of pertinent indicators for understanding financial performance.

6.    Write compelling business correspondence.

7.   Increase cultural acumen in order to craft messages in a culturally diverse business environment.

8.   Carry out a review of Executive English terminology and key grammar concepts.

Participants’ Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will know how

1.      Identify and select specialized sources of information relating to cultural values, local business practices, as well as macro, industry and firm metrics.

2.      Distinguish the components and strategies that make a business presentation compelling.

3.      Structure pertinent information into a business presentation, deliver it, and assess its effectiveness.

4.      Recognize presentation strategies used by other participants in this course.

5.      Write memorandums, emails, reports, business letters that comply with local business practices, grammar standards, and lexical appropriateness.

6.      Use the same information to tailor two presentations intended for audiences with different cultural backgrounds.

7.      Use 95% of the vocabulary covered in the course in its proper context.

8.       Complete written and oral assignments with 95% accuracy when draft revisions and rehearsing are allowed.

Registration for this opportunity is not yet open. Check back soon!