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Academic English: Speaking and Writing (4-Week Program)



This program will focus on productive language skills (i.e., speaking and writing). Though there will be many opportunities to develop general conversation skills, most projects will have an academic focus (conducting surveys, reporting information, short essays, oral presentations, etc.).


DURATION: 4 weeks


COST: Contact Dr. Luis Arevalo, or 435-652-7877.


DATES: July 1-27, 2018


Package includes:


●       Room and food for all 27 days. Students will have accommodations on the DSU campus. Meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) will usually be provided at facilities on campus


●       16 days of ESL classes (5 hours of instruction per day).


●       6 days of cultural immersion/tourism (visits to national parks in the region, such as the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and Bryce National Park, activities with Dixie State University student clubs, local events in the community, and so on*).


●       5 free days


●       ESL Certificate upon completion of the program at the Intermediate or Advanced level. This course is equivalent in length and rigor of a 5-credit university course class.




*Depending on age of students, course duration, and weather, participants may visit the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Arches National Park, Las Vegas, and Zion National Park. Additionally, Saint George and surrounding areas are included with a wide selection of restaurants, local museums, sport fields, lakes and rivers, and multiple venues for sports such as golf and tennis.


Minimum English level: Basic proficiency in English (32 TOEFL-iBT; 4.5 IELTS)



Students will

Develop speaking skills in both informal and formal settings.
Practice delivering academic presentations.
Participate in pre-presentation activities to improve pronunciation and grammar.
Become familiar with the basic structure of a research paper and produce a simple but complete research paper.
Participate in experiential activities that require interaction with the local community.
Enjoy weekend excursions to national parks and several cultural activities.

By the end of the fourth week, students should be able to

Engage in conversations on a number of academic topics

Create and deliver academic presentations

Improve language accuracy in oral presentations.

Produce a basic but complete information report essay.

Produce academic correspondence (e.g., emails, notes, summaries, and memos) observing the conventions of academic writing.

Demonstrate knowledge of editing strategies used in academic papers.


Week #1  Introduction to the skills covered in the courses. Work on general speaking skills in informal contexts. Introduction to the structure of academic writing and presentations.

Week #2  Explore academic topics through lectures and research. Develop note-taking skills. Summarize topics in speaking and writing.

Week #3  Produce a short but complete academic essay. Work on editing skills. Practice presentations.

Week #4 Develop and give oral presentations based on research projects. Revise and resubmit essay.

For academic content information, contact Dr. Scott Miles for more information. 435-879-4381